Whitening Program

Dentistry by Design’s Whitening Program is a loyalty and rewards program available at our Sturgeon Bay and Algoma dental offices.  This program is for patients maintaining regular hygiene visits and is our way of acknowledging your dedication to maintaining good oral health.

To enroll in the Whitening Program a one-time fee of $149 is required and patients will receive the following.

– Initial appointment for professional dental impressions.
– Follow-up appointment to receive directions on how to use whitening kit.
– A set of professional, custom fit trays.
– 8 syringes of professional grade whitening gel. 

As a member of the Whitening Program you will also receive one FREE whitening gel at each of your semi-annual hygiene appointments for the next three years,* to help maintain your bright, healthy smile!

Should you need additional whitening gel syringes above what you earn in the program, they can be purchased for $10 each.

Whitening Program Rules
*Patients must be 18 years or older to participate and free from untreated active disease. Uncontrolled gum disease, decay and root sensitivity prohibit patients from participating until recommended treatment is completed. New patients must first complete the initial new patient exam and necessary x-rays. Patients are required to maintain recommended hygiene appointments.  Notice of 48 hours is required if there is a need to cancel.  Last minute cancellations and/or repeated rescheduling will disqualify patients from this program.  Patients must not have an outstanding balance on their account to be enrolled in this program. Lost or destroyed trays can be replaced at a cost of $50/tray, which will be incurred by the patient. Should any of the rules fail to be met, disqualification will occur.  Patients have the opportunity to re-enroll in the program for $30 reactivation fee. Not available at Dentistry by Design in Sister Bay.