Turning Metal into Cash

Have you ever wondered what we do with all of the metal we recover from your mouth, if you don’t want it yourself of course? Truth is, we recycle it.  We have been collecting it for a little over a year and we were surprised that it added up to a nice chunk of change. Over $2,200 in recyclable metals.  Dr. Feit was able to play Santa with that chunk of change, and it was happily received by some well-deserving organizations in our community.

An iPad Mini was donated to the YMCA of Door County for their “Kid Care Silent Auction”, a fund raiser for their Kid Care, on-site, childcare.

The rest was divided up into cash donations and distributed to Habitat for Humanity, Loaves & Fishes, The Moravian Church Youth Program and the Boys & Girls Club of Door County. 

We look forward to continuing this program in 2014 and beyond!