Own Your Smile

MonthlyDentalCare Pay Less Now or More Later

     What does it mean to “Own Your Smile”?  With ever changing insurance coverage and increasing healthcare and living costs, you may be feeling the financial crunch when it comes to spending your hard earned money on dental care.

     Do you avoid coming in twice a year for your cleaning, exam and needed x-rays because of the cost?  Averaged out over a 12 month period, these services are only around $26 a month*. That’s less then most people spend on their pets each month.

     Just a reminder, it is ALWAYS LESS EXPENSIVE to treat dental problems early.  Did you know early dental disease does not have any symptoms?  You may have gum disease and cavities for years before you have your first symptom.  By the time symptoms arrive, the treatment for this more advanced problem will cost you ten times what it would have cost to treat earlier.

     Our dental team has years of experience in diagnosing dental problems early.  So we challenge you to OWN YOUR SMILE!  Take control, make it a part of your budget.  Call and schedule your cleaning and exam so you can pay less now, not more later!