Root Canal Therapy

Need a Root Canal?

Are you experiencing severe toothache pain? See something that looks like a pimple (abscess) on your gums? Are they swollen or tender? If so, the nerves of one of your teeth may be affected by decay or infection. When this occurs the course of treatment is root canal therapy. At Dentistry by Design, we understand that many people become nervous at the thought of needing a root canal but today’s root canal treatment is virtually painless and is highly effective and safe.

Today’s anesthetics allow you to experience this procedure pain free and with modern tools and technology, soreness afterward is very minimal.

We carefully and diligently remove the problematic nerves, bacteria and infected and damaged tissues. We then thoroughly clean and disinfect the space and fill it with special, medicated dental material and sealant to ensure bacteria cannot get back inside your tooth so it doesn’t become re-infected.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just pull the tooth? Some think this may be the proper course, but pulling the tooth without replacing it causes your remaining teeth to shift and wear out faster and will lead to bone loss, thus become a more costly solution in the long run.

But the worst thing to do when you are experiencing tooth pain is to do nothing. If you are experiencing tooth pain please do not wait to call your dentist to have it inspected and treated.