Door County Dental Professionals Give Back to Kids

Give Kids A Smile Day (GKAS) is a national children’s dental access program sponsored by the American Dental Association. Ministry Door County Medical Center’s Dental Clinic and other local dental practices participated in the program this year. 

This is a great event that provides much needed dental services to children throughout the community. The time, skills and efforts given by all the local Doctors, Hygienists and Assistance who participated in this year’s event are truly appreciated. GKAS day really highlights the work that is done at Ministry Door County Medical Center’s Dental Clinic year round.

Ministry Door County Medical Center’s Dental Clinic is a non-profit clinic that has been providing free oral health care to kids ages 3-18 of Door and Kewaunee Counties since 1999. These patients are Medicaid recipients, are uninsured, or do not otherwise have access to a dentist.

Dr. Feit, Dr. Fojtik, Office Manager Lisa, Dental Assistants Sue and Chrissy, and Office Assistant Kelly of Dentistry by Design play integral roles in the success of the Ministry Door County Medical Center’s Dental Clinic.  Dentistry by Design staff members participate in the clinic by providing dental care, staffing and billing support. Dr. Feit’s focus is making sure this program survives and thrives. He has taken a higher level approach which involved developing a billing system for the clinic and providing staff which helps keeps the program viable. Last year alone, over 1000 underserved children received dental care at the clinic. 

Dr. Feit is a strong advocate for dental health accessibility for all people regardless of their income ability.  This is why he orchestrated visits with Senator Frank Lasee and Representative Garey Bies to the MDCMC Dental Clinic. These visits showed Senator Lasee and Representative Bies the growing need for dental care among the underserved portion of our community.

In 2012, Dr. Feit was elected to the WDA’s Board of Trustees and sat on the Legislative, Financial and PAC committees.  It is through these positions that he has worked on improving the accessibility of dental care throughout the state of Wisconsin

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