What to Know When Comparing Dental Implant Treatment Plans

If you are looking into getting dental implants, whether it’s to stabilize a denture or replace a missing tooth, here is what you should know when comparing treatment plans from different practices. First, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. One practice may advertise only the cost of the implant, while the next advertises start to finish care. To help you better understand what you are comparing, we have a few questions that you should always ask:

  • Are you recommending mini or standard dental implants?
  • Does the quote only cover the placement of the implant in my jaw bone?
  • Does the quote cover start to finish service, which includes the abutment and crown placement?
  • Does the price include any additional procedures needed like bone grafting (placing bone), tooth extraction, x-ray or CT scan?
  • What type of additional training do you have in dental implant placement?

Dentistry by Design offers Dental Implants in Sturgeon Bay, Sister Bay and Algoma and shares this graphic about tooth implantsThese are a few of the factors that impact the overall cost of a dental implant. Other important factors to consider are previous patient testimonials, overall confidence with dentist, staff, and facility, and also does the practice offer full-service care in-house.

The graphic below illustrates the national average costs for dental implants. To inquire about dental implant prices at Dentistry by Design, you can set up a free consultation or second opinion with one of our dental implant team members at a location that is convenient for you.