Mission of Mercy 2014

Mission of Mercy 2014

WDA Mission of Mercy 2014 volunteer team from Dentistry by Design.

This year marks the sixth WDA Mission of Mercy. Since it’s inception in 2009 over $7.1 million in care has been administered and over 13,000 patients treated.

This years event was held in Green Bay over two days in June. Here are the results of those two days:

          • 1,218 volunteers, including 217 dentists
          • 1,925 patient visits
          • $1.3 million in donated care
          • 1,889 fillings
          • 1,485 extractions
          • 792 cleanings
          • 573 sealant/fluoride treatments
          • 43 endo procedures (root canals and therapeutic pulpotomies)
          • 149 full and partial dentures

Dentistry by Design had eight team members volunteering, providing both dental care and administrative support. This is an event our team looks forward to every year. It is such a great feeling to be able to serve in the WDA Mission of Mercy event. We are humbled by the outpouring of gratitude and are overjoyed seeing the many smiling faces.

Following is a great video which shares the stories of some of the patients who were treated and volunteers who served.