Turning Metal into Cash

Have you ever wondered what we do with all of the metal we recover from your mouth, if you don’t want it yourself of course? Truth is, we recycle it.  We have been collecting it for a little over a year and we were surprised that it added up to a nice chunk of change. Over $2,200 in recyclable metals.  Dr. Feit was able to play Santa with that chunk of change, and it was happily received by some well-deserving organizations in our community.

An iPad Mini was donated to the YMCA of Door County for their “Kid Care Silent Auction”, a fund raiser for their Kid Care, on-site, childcare.

The rest was divided up into cash donations and distributed to Habitat for Humanity, Loaves & Fishes, The Moravian Church Youth Program and the Boys & Girls Club of Door County. 

We look forward to continuing this program in 2014 and beyond!  

Pay It Forward December 2013

We would like to introduce you to the final winner of our 2013 ‘Pay It Forward’ Initiative, Tom Anschutz.  Tom was nominated by his daughter Brynn.  Her nomination email was so touching and well written that we decided to let her tell you why her father is deserving of this award in her own words.

“Tom, born in Baileys Harbor, has lived in the same 2 mile area his entire life, and has given his life to the place he loves, Door County. Many of the things he does go unnoticed to many people, nor does he ever expect a “Please” or “Thank You”. You may see him at every holiday event volunteering morning to night for the Village Snowmobile Club, selling sandwiches to raise funds and gain members, or driving that big red plumbing truck hurrying to save someone on a Sunday from their overflowing toilets!

But many of his efforts are unseen acts of dedication to the life we have all come to love and hope to protect. He is the guy who clears snowmobile trails at all hours of the night after a heavy snow storm, so we can all enjoy the fresh snow. He is the guy you call day or night to pull you out of the ditch when you’ve slid off the road in an ice storm. He is the guy you call to help teach your grandson to hunt for the first time. He is the guy you call when you need an extra hand for just about anything.  He makes time for people. Anytime.

Although he is not a member of an emergency team, he is always one of the first people on site when there is an emergency near his home. He has saved many people from car, and boat accidents on Kangaroo Lake, pulling them from the water. He keeps an eye on the lake during lazy summer days for boating accidents. This past year, he rescued a father and his young daughter whose boat caught fire in the middle of the lake, and managed, with help, to extinguish the flames, while the fire and rescue team waited on his dock, knowing he had the situation at bay. He is always watching over us. 

In a community like ours, people like him are the kind of people who make us feel safe. Emergency help can’t always get to us fast enough since our county is so expansive, and I thank God that he is there to keep an extra eye on our area and its small community. Although this only touches on a few things he has given to our community, I’ve yet to come across someone in the area who hasn’t said “Tom Anschutz, oh yea, he helped me!””

After speaking with Tom and his wife Laura, we also learned that he is part of a group that mentors young hunters and takes them pheasant hunting as part of Pheasants for Tomorrow.  As you can see Tom is well deserving of this award and as our final Pay It Forward recipient he will receive a $100 Visa card to use at his discretion as well as a $100 donation to a charity of his choice, which he selected Unity Hospice of Door County

Thank you to Tom and all the others like him that so selflessly give of their time and talents to make our community the best it can possibly be, we salute you and your efforts!